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Building on Compassion for Hospice Care Teams

Posted on Jan 24, 2020 by Mary Cordo

As advancements in healthcare continue, the metaphysical care provided by hospice nurses and staff becomes more and more important. Loved ones want to know that they are giving their family members the best possible care. A single encounter with a staff member can influence a family member’s perception of the quality of care. As an employer, staff with the right mix of compassion and talent can only strengthen your hospice care team. 

When hiring, a great CV or resume with the right clinical aptitude and specialized certifications may help get the interview, but it takes more than just knowledge and technical skills to be an outstanding hospice care team member; that’s why it’s important to identify the right personality traits—starting with compassion—to best know if they will excel in their position.


All nurses have some level of compassion—if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in this industry. But in hospice care, compassion is even more essential and must be put into practice every moment of the day. As a hospice nurse cares for someone at the end of life, his or her compassion helps the patient feel comforted and valued.

Emotional Stability 

Working in hospice care comes with a different level of stress with more emotional factors than some other nursing positions. Professional caregivers must have the ability to accept the inevitable and still assist a patient with respect and dignity. Finding joy in the small moments helps draw strength.


Being detail-oriented is essential for nurses and even more so for your hospice care team. A nurse in hospice care must not only track medications but also measure them precisely. They don’t just listen to the sound of the lungs, they must take the time to really hear what is going on inside their patient’s body. An observant nurse with great attention to detail can often spot signs of distress before the patient can indicate it themselves. This skill goes a long way in making sure loved ones are given the highest level of care. 


Making quick decisions in a medical situation and being able to keep your composure is necessary as a hospice nurse. Having the ability to be adaptable and think through stressful situations quickly will aid in providing the best possible care to patients. Finding the right combination of knowledge and experience gives a nurse what he or she needs to make rational decisions when the times come. 

Hospice care is personal for us at Cure. We know from experience that the care provided by these team members is essential, which is why we take our time in locating the best candidates in the field. Establishing an outstanding hospice care team made up of people with compassion, emotional stability, attention to detail and adaptability will strengthen the quality of care that you offer your patients. Are you ready to grow your hospice care team? We are prepared to help. 

At Cure the Executive Edge, we specialize in finding you the right person, every time. Contact us today to get started.